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We’ve put together a pretty interesting group of interactive polls covering everything from your favorite era songs, to men landing on the moon, to Fun Palace and the South Drive-in! You can vote for your picks, check on the tallies, leave comments, and see what everybody else had to say. If we get good response to these polls, we’ll add even more! If you want to add your own zany poll, e-mail us!

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Nostalgic Denver Area Radio
– KIMN – KFML – KLZfm –
Streaming Audio, Old Ads, Teen Line, and More

Most of us GREW up with KIMN. One of the reunion committee members has stumbled on a site that is, in our opinion, so cool (from memory lane ville) that we hope you agree with us. They have some streaming audio links on the site and, in particular, there are two that stand out:

A 1960 radio ad, selling Cherry Hills Village “homes for the atomic age with fallout shelters.” OMG. Pricless. True it is not from 69-72, but this is priceless and they mention 6600 S. University!

From 1970 — Jay Mack — with his sidekicks and such a real good example of AM Radio right before all of us went to Free Form FM (KFML etc.) as we got older and wiser. Hope you have as much fun with this as we did!

Longer loops of Jay Mack (’70) and Hal Moore (’66). Many of us had already headed to FM by 1970, but Mack’s show was the same as it was in the lates 60’s. However, we include Hal’s show — you will remember these times… We were in Jr. High then but that is what shaped us for HS! Even if you think this is pure schlock, it is fun to listen. Check it out!!!

There is a hilarious mention about “Teen Line” where you used to give out your phone number between busy signals. I cringe to say this, but it is rumored that some former classmates once met some girls on there and drove all the way to Westminster or some place like that to meet up with them!

Fun graphic and brief synopsis of KFML radio. Denver radio as it is right now, could sure use a station like good old KFML!

The History of Littleton, Colorado
Controversial even today, Alferd Packer is buried in Littleton Cemetery

The History of Littleton, Colorado – Site by a Highlands Ranch High School history teacher (brother of one of our classmates) includes plenty of old Littleton photos, Colorado History, and one heck of a lot more. While you are there, be sure to check out “Tour the Great Toilets of Italy.” Even includes memorial tribute to Dale Evans and Happy Trails Roy Rogers page.

Alferd Packer Cannibal Treats, Roadside America – … Umm… What more can we say? This quick site also features a photo of Alferd Packer’s grave in Littleton Cemetery.

Cinderella Twin Drive-In – While our beloved South Drive-In now only exists as a fond memory, the Cinderella remains a landmark relic of our past.