Arapahoe High School Class of 1972

30-Year Reunion September 13-15, 2002

Breaking Reunion News

What’s New at the Site?

October 20. Added Reunion Attendees page, and have added our Reunion Souvenir special on the T-Shirts, CD’s, Goodies page.

September 20. Added several new photos to Gallery 7 & 8, and re-edited Reunion Events to take out scheduled times and places and put in photos from actual events at reunion.

August 27. Added several new photos to Gallery 6 and 7. Remember, friends of AHS ’72 are encouraged to register, too! If you are planning to attend, please register soon. The reunion committee needs the $$$ to reserve Sevilla and secure the band for our fantastic woodsie.

August 24. Registration News: The committee has managed to find a way to extend the “Option A” 3-day package registration deadline until August 30. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Register Today!

August 23. Added new gallery photos, PLUS the original Littleton Independent article and photo of the infamous cattle heist of 1972!

August 20. Spank the Monkey Update: Finalized the 24 Monkey Award categories of distinction. Don’t miss the 2002 Spank the Monkey Awards!

August 10. Updated the RSVP list, added better directions to Arrowhead, plus a new classmate submitted photo.

August 9. Registration Update: Friday, August 23 will be the DEADLINE for A) Ordering the “Option A” 3-day package at $110 (which includes a T-shirt, Stein, Memory CD)


July 29. You asked for it! We’ve added a Message Board — another way for you to get in contact with former classmates or to post any message you’d like. Added a pic to Gallery 5. Reminder: Registration deadline is July 31.

July 21. Spank the Monkey Awards Update: We’ve added a “Spank the Monkey” FAQ page, and added several new possible award categories of distinction. E-mail us your suggestions today! Hey, if you haven’t registered, what are you waiting for?

July 17. Dude! Check out the new confirmed RSVP list!

July 16. Added new photos to Gallery 4 and Gallery 5. Keep the photos coming!

July 14. We are famous! Yes, class of ’72, your reunion is starting to generate some press! Check it out! Today we have added a press page. On that subject, we do need a volunteer to head up a parade entry for Littleton’s Western Welcome Week. E-mail us!

Well, once again, we’ve pushed back the registration deadline. Please don’t procrastinate here guys! Help us make this reunion the one that makes all other reunions look like wannabes. Register by July 31, 2002!

July 13. We’ve tabulated the results from our first favorite songs polls. Please vote for the songs you’d like to hear at the reunion events from the updated play list HERE. Click HERE for the first set of poll results.

July 9. Added a few new gallery photos — Please help us caption the archive photos! A few more of the missing have been located, but we really do need your help finding the folks on the missing list.

July 8. What were we thinking???? Most of you remembered to send or fax your payment. However, WE KNOW of lots of people who we haven’t yet heard from, and it dawned on us that we picked an awful deadline date, the 4th of July. NO FAIR! Everybody partying and out of town… So, we are extending the deadline. Get your payment to us by Friday, July 12th. We are very pleased that most people are attending all 3 days. Of course the 3-day package is priced the same as combining the big night — Saturday —with EITHER Friday or Sunday. Now — remember, if you are STILL undecided, you can still send/fax your payment and should you have to cancel later, it will be less a very small “processing” fee! One more important thing. CREDIT CARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER SEPTEMBER 6 and definitley NOT at the events themselves!

July 7. New names included on our RSVP list. Added a bit more local flavor with a quick Alferd Packer link. And, last but not least … We proudly announce that the class of 1972 Evening at Sevilla will feature the “2002 Spank the Monkey Award” presentation. We haven’t worked out all the categories of excellence yet, but you can be sure they’ll be some real dandies! Register today!

July 2. Whoa! Don’t forget that the registration deadline is July 4! (You can still register after the 4th, but the reunion committee needs the $$$ to reserve Sevilla and secure the band for our fantastic woodsie.) We have located a few more missing classmates, but we could really use your help!

June 29. Posted great hotel accommodation information and a link to Residence Inn – Highlands Ranch. We’ve located a few more of our missing classmates, but we still need your help. If you know where these folks are, please let us know!

June 25. Additional missing classmates have been added to the list. Also, a few clerical errors were corrected. (If you hadn’t noticed the typos, we won’t be incriminating ourselves here!)

June 24. We’ve added a second memorial tribute page — a place where family and friends can post a tribute to our beloved departed classmates.

June 23. One new gallery photo! We need more of YOUR photos, and we could really use some help captioning the old photos from 1969-1972. If you know who these folks are, or want to add any info about the kangaroo court or state championship, please e-mail us!

June 22. Corrected a colossal goof of earth-shaking proportions! Please note that our woodsie is not in Greenwood Village — It is indeed at Castlewood Canyon State Park, southeast of Franktown: NEW MAPS! Also added our first R.S.V.P. lists.

June 21. Finally got the maps and directions online, and great new current photos of your classmates along with some terrific oldies from 1969-1972 were added. New classmates were added to the missing persons list — Help us located them!

June 20. Located great audio clips from 1969-1972 Denver area radio stations. Even found a mention of the infamous “Teen Line.” Remember that? Check it out HERE.

June 19. We’ve added more nostalgia polls, local nostalgic links, Denver area concert schedule from 1969-1972, and unfortunately more lost classmates.

Woodsie Update

We have signed the band for the woodsie at Castlewood on Sunday.

Note: Be sure to see the maps and directions page for
the location of Castlewood Canyon State Park.
Yes, this is the same Castlewood Canyon State Park,
location of many an authentic woodsie c. 1969-72!

We Need Your Current Address! please send us your current home address and phone number,
and a recent photo of yourself (information follows).

We Need Recent Photos of You!

If digital images, please send the highest resolution of the image you have
(the bigger the better.)

*Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of photos.

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Check Out the R.S.V.P. List!

Check out all of our classmates who have registered and confirmed that they definitely will attend our 30th Reunion. Register and get your name on the list today! Click HERE to view the list.

Desperately Seeking Missing Classmates!

Over the past 30 years, we’ve lost track of some of our cherished classmates. Check out our online missing classmates list and see if you, or anyone you know, is on the list, and let us know where to find you! We want to make sure everyone receives information about the reunion.