Arapahoe High School Class of 1972 Littleton, Colorado

The 30th Reunion Was a Complete Blast! We are now planning our 40th! Help us make it an even bigger BLAST!

AHS Class of ‘72 — 40th Reunion


Friday-Sunday, September 21, 22, 23, 2012

This memorable weekend will begin Friday night with today’s edition of the Arapahoe Warrior football team playing its HOMECOMING football game against the Mountain Vista ( Highlands Ranch) Golden Eagles at LHS Stadium. We will have our own section and ticket details are still being discussed. Stay tuned for more information as we have the AHS Quarterback Club and our own Karen Gerlich working on this!

On Saturday, September 21st , it’s rise and shine because it is the joys of the AHS HOMECOMING PARADE commencing at the school and winding through the STREETS of SOUTHGLENN . For those of you unfamiliar with the SoS, the old Southglenn Mall was torn down years ago and replaced with the modern-day mall style of open air shops/restaurants located on town streets. After the parade, we will convene at the school for a TOUR led by classmate and present-day AHS History teacher, Karen Gerlich . “Ms.” Gerlich will be leading a discussion on the history of AHS while showing us what has changed through the years to its present-day configuration. The school has changed quite a bit through the years, so you won’t want to miss this time warp treat!

Saturday evening from 6:00PM to ? , will be the SIGNATURE EVENT our Reunion Dinner at Lodo’s in Highlands Ranch , home of the largest outdoor patio in Colorado ! This event will be party casual dress. No hotel banquet halls for this class! We will have a private area on the open-air patio which offers world-class views of the front range. Get ready to have a wonderful buffet dinner accompanied and a couple of complimentary libations. It gets lively at Lodos after 10PM, and you may want to stay and party hearty with your friends or perhaps go try to find Daniel’s Park and go “parking”…

On Sunday, September 22nd , it’s time to relive deKoevend Park *. From 1PM-5PM , we will have “Shelter B” reserved along with the adjacent softball diamond. Up for some BBQ? A roasted hog will be the main fare along with iced tea and lemonade to wash it down with. Are you a vegetarian? There will be beans, corn, french bread and ‘tater salad. Of course, no friendly softball game commences without a couple of kegs of beer (water and soft drinks) and “ Ricky and the Radios live band will be playing our favorite tunes from our HS era. *In the remote case of inclement weather, the picnic will be moved to the AHS cafeteria .

Registration information:

$75 per person for the “ Warrior Weekend Pass ”!

“Early Bird” Registration until July 1 — Purchase your tickets early and the PICNIC IS FREE!

Here is how to RSVP & Buy Tickets Online

1. On the bottom left of the page, click on the yellow find me link

2. Find yourself by typing your last name (maiden name for women) and first name

3. Click on your record and follow the instructions in red

All major credit cards accepted. Paying by check? Contact us for mailing address.

Thank you,

Your AHS 40th Reunion Committee:

Bruce Evans, Jay Brady, Randi Lund Briscoe, Karen Gerlich, Rebecca O’Day, Ann Kikura Waynik, Sue Moon Galvin, Kevin Haislip, Paula Ace, Ann Kerr Money, Sue Brenneman Hall, Mary Stake Mauch, Sue Sciba Fox, Mark Hawkins

….and all of our Classmates who help make this event a great success!

*minimum of 5 confirmed current email addresses

Hello Class of ’72!

We spent about 600 days together while in high school. Four decades have come and gone since we departed Arapahoe. We barely know each other after all this time, yet the turnout was tremendous for our 30-year class reunion! Bifocals were the norm as quick glances bounced off nametags. Many of us are grandparents now and it hardly seems possible.

Our 30th year Reunion Committee

Reunion Committee
Al Cockrell, Ann Kerr Money, Cindy Reeder Fisicaro, Greg Glass, Connie Koch McCord, Nardi Ferge, Deana Smischny Mosby, Kevin Haislip, Mark Hawkins, Mary Stake Mauck, Richard Thompson, Rick Smischny, Sue Sciba Fox, Sue Martinez Glass, Ann Leadbeater Mickey, Susan Oleson Ficca, and Susie Vieregg Eckert

Class of 1972 30th Reunion Photos

Click the photo above for a great enlargement.

More New 2002 Reunion Photos in “Reunion Events”
Plus, New Current Classmate Photos in Photo Gallery 7 & 8

Send us your photos!!!

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